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Research, Design, & Clinical  Services

I love working with individuals and organizations interested in the intersection of games and mental health. If you're looking for a mental health sensitivity reader for your game, someone to talk about the ethics of emotionally-heavy games, how to use games inside the therapy room, or anything in-between, I'm the psychologist / game designer / educator you're looking for!


I'm available for many different types of speaking engagements including presentations and trainings on games and mental health, keynote speaking, academic lectures, and more.



My goal is to help individuals and businesses interested in the intersection of games and mental health. Examples of previous consultation projects include mental health sensitivity reads of games, ethical review of mental health-themed games, and subject matter expertise for mental health content in games. 


Clinical Training

Mental health providers frequently encounter games and games culture when working with clients, but it's not a topic covered in most graduate training. I regularly provide trainings and CE presentations to clinicians on games and mental health, including games as a cultural competence for clinicians and using games in therapeutic settings. 


Client Services

As a licensed mental health provider, I work with a limited number of adult psychotherapy clients in private practice. For more information on psychotherapeutic services, please visit Pixel Perfect Psychotherapy.

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