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Mental Health of Twitch Streamers During COVID-19

Dunlap, K. (2022). Mental Health Atmospheres Video Games: New Directions in Games Research II

Mental Health Live: An Ethnographic Study on the Mental Health of Twitch Streamers During COVID

Dunlap, K., Shanley, M., & Wagner, J. (in press). Live Streaming Culture.

Mental Health in 3D: A Dimensional Model of Mental Illness Representation in Digital Games

Dunlap, K. & Kowert, R. (2021). Loading… The Journal of Canadian Game Studies Association, 13(22). 

The Monstrosity of Stigma: Mental Health Representation in Video Games

Dunlap, K. & Kowert, R. (2021). Proceedings from The 17th annual Tampere University Game Research Lab spring seminar. April 20-22, 2021.

Representation of Mental Illness in Video Games

Dunlap, K. (2018). Proceedings from 2019 Connected Learning Summit.

Beyond Empathy: Games to Foster Teen's Social and Emotional Skills

Dunlap, K., & Rivers, S. (2019). Journal of Games, Self, & Society.

Mediating Factors in the Relationship Between Video Games and Mental Health. 

Dunlap, K. (2014). Doctoral dissertation.

Integration of Game Design and Theory into Group Psychotherapy with Veterans with Severe/Chronic Mental Illness

Dunlap, K. (2013). Games & Health.

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